“We exist in a time of incredible change. And we’re exploring what it means to stand in the middle of a game that’s changing all around us.”

Educator Cornelius Minor spoke those words at this year’s Leander ISD Lit Love Symposium, themed “Literacy … the Game Changer.” The symposium was held at Glenn High School May 29.

Leander ISD teachers, librarians and staff explored the ways that they can impact students strategically through literacy, particularly in a day and age when technology and resources are constantly changing. Educators Cornelius Minor and Donalyn Miller provided the day’s keynote sessions, students presented the ways that literacy has impacted them and dozens of other educators offered breakout sessions on literacy-related topics. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to engage in a book exchange and donate to the Summer Reading for All program.

Thank you to all of our teachers who spent today investing in their students, even though summer break has arrived! Keep reading, writing and inspiring others!