During the second week of October, LISD sets aside time to say “thank you” to the more than 250 members of the Child Nutrition Services team and recognize all that they do to ensure students in the district receive healthy, nutritious meal options.

Research shows that students cannot learn at their fullest potential if they are hungry. That’s why our CNS team is focused on meeting the nutritional needs of students through a variety of wholesome meal options, including proteins, whole grains and low fat menu selections. LISD provides vegetarian items, too.

With professional chefs and registered dietitians on staff, the LISD CNS department takes great pride in providing students with delicious breakfast and lunch options every day. During the school year, CNS staff serve a staggering 3.1 million meals to LISD students. That’s more than 1 million pieces of fresh fruit, 6,100 pounds of fresh baby spinach, and 3.5 million baby carrots each year!

Most importantly, LISD CNS staff members strive to do what’s best for students. They work hard and selflessly give their time and attention to get to know their students and greet them with a smile.

On behalf of LISD, we say “thank you for fueling our schools!”