Leander ISD has received three reports in the past month regarding businesses and a fraudulent advertising company selling unauthorized sponsorship banners for high school athletic facilities.

A business out of the Dallas-Fort Worth region has targeted companies by masquerading itself as a partner with the district and its athletic booster clubs.

The only official source for sponsorship or advertising solicitations is the LISD School and Community Relations department or a legitimate and registered booster club.

As part of the fraudulent activity, the sports advertising company told local businesses that they had agreements with various coaches from LISD. The district does not currently contract with any third-party entity selling sponsorships on behalf of it or its coaches.

LISD will contact businesses if we receive a banner or sponsorship item that is not authorized through our current programs. In addition, the district will continue to send cease and desist letters to the business selling the unapproved sponsorships.

For any questions about sponsoring with LISD, please contact LISD Marketing Specialist Rachel Acosta through the Let’s Talk portal.