From March 4-8, Leander ISD is celebrating Educational Diagnostician Appreciation Week.

Educational diagnosticians assess students and identify learning challenges in an educational context, and help to create a plan to address those challenges. LISD has an excellent group of highly qualified educational diagnosticians who serve at schools throughout the district.

Lead Licensed Specialist in School Psychology Mary Beth Pinnell said that LISD’s educational diagnosticians have diverse experiences in education, with backgrounds in general education, SLE, ICAP, SCSS, Resource/Inclusion and dyslexia services within and outside of the district.

“Happy Educational Diagnosticians’ Week to our wonderful diagnostician team who support students from age 3 to 18+ years old! Our team members have advanced knowledge of academic achievement and teaching strategies for students, are great advocates for students’ needs, and are helpful, collaborative team members within special programs,” Pinnell said. “Thank you for your service to our students, families and district. We are so glad you are a part of the #NoPlaceLikeLISD family.”

When a child receives special education, it means that a public school provides custom services and instruction specific to the needs of that student. Special education is available because of a federal law called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which provides students with disabilities and their parents special legal rights to receive these individualized learning opportunities.