The Board approved a 2024–25 compensation plan with pay raises of 2.5 percent of midpoint for every staff member. This raise would be reflected in employees’ first 2024–25 paycheck.

Note: The approved plan includes language to allow for one-time payment options should certain parameters be met.

“Within budgetary constraints, this 2.5-percent increase allows us to push as close as we can to the Board-adopted deficit threshold without going over,” said Board President Gloria Gonzales-Dholakia, Ph.D. “That said, the teachers and staff of this district deserve more, and our Board remains committed to advocating for adequate funding from our legislature as the state of Texas sits on a record surplus amount.” 

With this 2.5-percent increase at midpoint, every teacher would receive an additional $1,540 per year. The starting salary for teachers would rise to $56,995. For non-teacher-scale positions, the increase is calculated in a similar fashion: the raise percentage is applied to the midpoint of a scale, and then everyone in that scale receives the same dollar amount raise.

Salary scales based on this 2.5-percent increase are in the process of being built and will be posted to the Salary Scales section of the Human Resources page at a later date.

Additional highlights of the compensation plan include:

  • In-depth salary scale review of Auxiliary and Office / Paraprofessional positions, including Instructional Assistants, Custodial, Child Nutrition, Transportation and other operational staff.
  • Substitute pay for short-term certified teachers and long-term non-certified positions also saw increases to their rate.

As part of the approved total compensation package, employees will see an average medical insurance premium increase of 4.5 percent, with the actual amount varying from plan to plan. The majority of employees – 84 percent of staff based on current plan selections – would see an increase of $20 or less per month. These changes will take effect in the new benefits year – January 2025. 

“There’s always a balance we try to strike for the teachers and staff of our district between compensation and the support we can provide in the form of new positions,” said LISD Superintendent Bruce Gearing, Ed.D. “As a growing district, it’s essential we do our best to keep up with both elements in an effort to reduce the burden placed on existing staff while still doing what we can to meet their needs financially. We’re going to do everything in our power to support every one of the adult learners in our system.”

Through a series of listening sessions and ThoughtExchange survey, themes that emerged included the need for employees to feel valued and supported alongside topics like pay and compensation.

“I am grateful to those who took the time to share the challenges they are facing,” Gearing said. “As we make decisions, it’s essential that we do so in an informed manner and with our employees having the opportunity to be heard.”

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