We need our community’s help with finding substitute teachers for the 2022-23 school year. The current realities we are experiencing with our substitute teacher program here at LISD is leaving us in great need of substitutes. This summer is proving to be very challenging for recruiting and hiring substitute teachers as it is a bit different than previous years. As we transition from the ESS substitute program back to Leander ISD we DO NOT have the normal 700+ subs who carry over from May to August.

What does this mean? 

  • This summer we are starting from ZERO active subs. 
  • As we prepare for the beginning weeks of school it is vital to the operation of our campuses and the support of our teachers to have an idea of what the substitute situation will look like and the number of active subs in the system.
  • As of right now we only have 500+ applicants and less than 250 who have completed the new hire process. 
  • To give you an idea of what that might look like during school, LISD experiences anywhere from 200- 500 absences per day that require a sub. With the current numbers, we are looking at a very difficult beginning of the school year.

How can I help? 

  • If you have already applied to be a sub- THANK YOU, however, you must complete the new hire process to be considered active in the system. The sooner you complete this process with us the better prepared we can be for our students and teachers when they return.
  • In previous years having applicants wait until school began to complete the process was ok, as we had a pool of active subs already in place. This year we simply do not have that luxury and need to spread the word across the district to not only APPLY but to COMPLETE the NEW HIRE PROCESS before August 1, 2022.

We are asking our community to help us get the word out by reaching out to all previous substitutes that you know as well as your friends and neighbors who might consider working as a substitute for LISD this year. 

  • Target Date: Aug. 1 
  • Target Goal: To have 700-750 active subs by the beginning of the school year 

We will continue to recruit, accept applications and onboard all applicants daily from 2-4pm and on an ongoing basis but please help us get applications and new hires processed before August 1, 2022. 

Please visit the substitute web page for any updates and information you need.

Apply now on the LISD CAREERS PAGE.