Campus staff, district administrators and prospective principals in Leander ISD are invited to apply to the Prospective Principal Program (P3) or Aspiring Administrator Academy (AAA). Applications for both programs open July 24 and close Aug. 11.

Prospective Principal Program

The Prospective Principal Program is designed to prepare a select cohort of experienced Leander ISD campus and district administrators to successfully enter the principalship. The program provides cohort members the opportunity to gain targeted, timely, and personalized professional learning with a focus on the qualities and skills needed to lead a Leander ISD campus. Course content is aligned to the LISD Leadership Profile with the goal of operationalizing the LISD Superintendent goal of “ensuring a world class workforce focused on student achievement by increasing leadership capacity.”

Online applications for P3 open July 24. To learn more about the Prospective Principal Program, visit the Leadership Development page.

Aspiring Administrator Academy

The Aspiring Administrator Academy is designed for current Leander ISD staff committed to developing their leadership skills in preparation of becoming an Assistant Principal. Participants must attend the monthly academy meetings focused on leadership development skills as aligned to the Leander Leadership Profile. Participants will engage in learning outside of the monthly academy meetings including, an action research project and implementing campus professional learning. Upon completion of this program, participants will participate in a mock interview in preparation for potential interview opportunities. Participants are not guaranteed a position as an administrator in Leander ISD, however, the goal of the academy is to develop campus leaders within our system.

Online applications for AAA open July 24. To learn more about AAA, visit the Leadership Development page.