The Leander Lazers racked up quite the medal count at Texas’ Special Olympics Summer Games earlier this month. The six athletes accounted for seven different Top 3 finishes in track and field events.

Adding on to this success, one Lazer – Joey Brick – won the 2024 Most Inspirational Athlete Award. Brick was credited for fostering an inclusive, accepting environment through his warm, welcoming personality. 

Way to go, Lazers!


  • Joey Brick
    Most Inspirational Athlete
    100 meter – 3rd place
    Shot Put – 3rd place
  • Carver McDonald
    100 meter – 2nd place
    Shot Put – 8th place
  • Logan Weiss
    100 meter – 2nd place
    Mini-javelin – 2nd place
  • TJ Kurowski
    100 meter – 5th place
    Softball throw – 8th place
  • Luke Martinez
    100 meter – 3rd place
    Shot Put – 6th place
  • Christian Bradshaw
    100 meter – 1st place
    Standing Long Jump – 5th place