Third-grade classes at Grandview Hills Elementary school have the unique opportunity to share perspectives, thoughts and ideas with students and teachers across the world through participation in the Global Read Aloud program.

During a set six-week period in a year, the program picks a book for teachers to read aloud interactively to their students. This year, the Global Read Aloud book is “The BFG” by Roald Dahl. Erin Carroll, third-grade teacher at GHES, said they use the opportunity to discuss unique words, vocabulary and literary devices with the goal that students will begin to incorporate those discussion points into their own work eventually.

“Here is the repulsant snozzcumber! I squiggle it! I mispise it! I dispunge it! What do you think a snozzcumber looks like?” Carroll prompted as she read aloud to her class.

She then instructed the students to draw their own illustration of a “snozzcumber” before sharing their thoughts with their classmates. The Global Read Aloud program allows the students to expand that conversation with students around the world.

Earlier this year, Carrolls class participated in a “Mystery Skype” with a third-grade class in New Jersey. In addition to discussing the book, the students researched each others locations and participated in a “Get to Know You” question-and-answer session.

“The Global Read Aloud program connects really well into our IB program,” Caroll said. “The whole program is really about students getting perspectives from around the world, and ultimately, making them excited to read.”