Good luck to the LISD students from four high schools – Cedar Park, Rouse, Vandegrift and Vista Ridge – competing in the UIL Academics State Championships May 14–15 at the University of Texas at Austin.

These schools qualified 23 individuals and teams across the 11 different events listed below.

State Qualifiers

Computer Science

  • Nathaniel Choe, Vista Ridge HS – 6A

Copy Editing

  • Snigdha Shenoy, Rouse HS – 5A

Current Issues & Events


  • Tyler Streit, Cedar Park HS – 5A
  • Kent O’Pella, Rouse HS – 5A
  • Aarav Ahuja, Vista Ridge HS – 6A


  • Cedar Park HS, 5A:
    Alex Gilsbach, Azi Opland, Sean Tran, Tyler Streit
  • Rouse HS, 5A:
    Colton Rupe, Kent O’Pella, Marcus Vizy, Renu Yannam

Feature Writing

  • Kacey Miller, Cedar Park HS – 5A
  • Zoe Clark, Rouse HS – 5A

Headline Writing

  • Snigdha Shenoy, Rouse HS – 5A
  • Alyssa Hoy, Vandegrift HS – 6A
  • Kylie Pucong, Vandegrift HS – 6A

Informative Speaking

  • Nitish Elangovan, Rouse HS – 5A
  • Fatima Sajid, Vista Ridge HS – 6A

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • Nathan Li, Cedar Park HS – 5A

Literary Criticism


  • Samantha Jameson, Cedar Park – 5A


  • Cedar Park HS, 5A:
    Alex Gilsbach, Rory Harris, Samantha Jameson, Suzy Smith

News Writing

  • Alyssa Fox, Cedar Park HS – 5A
  • Kacey Miller, Cedar Park HS – 5A

Social Studies


  • Jaxson Noren, Cedar Park HS – 5A
  • Marcus Vizy, Rouse HS – 5A


  • Rouse HS, 5A:
    Brady Carter, Colton Rupe, Marcus Vizy, Sohail Shaik

Spelling & Vocabulary

  • Kenzie Vo, Cedar Park HS – 5A