Leander ISD and the Digital Learning Team hosted the inaugural Texas EduProtocol Roadshow May 31 at Akin Elementary. Over 100 registered participants from Leander ISD, Lake Travis, Dallas, Arkansas and as far as Minnesota came to attend this full day of interactive professional learning at Akin Elementary. 

“We loved how teachers, administrators and coaches immediately picked up on the tech skills but then also developed an understanding of a way to implement the EduProtocols in a way that’s playful and fun,”  EduProtocol Co-authors Marlena Hebern and Jon Corippo said. 

EduProtocols are lesson frameworks for student-centered learning that are powerful for all learners, regardless of age and across all content areas. Participants experienced “Fast and Curious”, “Thin Slides”, and other EduProtocols. All attendees were able to select an EduProtocols book of their choice and received lifetime memberships to the EduProtocols Plus community. 

EduProtocol instructional strategies are foundational to Leander ISD’s Empowered Learning Institute and are also being embedded into Units of Study, transforming teaching and learning in Leander ISD.