The Board will see an additional 2020–21 attendance zone scenario during its April 4 meeting after discussing Scenario B, which focused on keeping student groups together from middle to high school and relieving crowded schools. The process is part of the district’s preparations to open Danielson Middle School, across from Glenn High School, in 2020.

Trustees advised the administration to consider additional changes to Scenario B to keep larger groups of fifth-grade students together as they transition from elementary to middle school. Those potential changes include rezoning:

  • Avery Ranch neighborhoods west of Parmer Lane from Stiles Middle School to Henry Middle School; and
  • North Buttercup Creek neighborhoods from Henry to Cedar Park Middle School and from Vista Ridge High School to Cedar Park High School.

“We greatly appreciate our community helping guide us when it comes to our attendance zoning priorities,” Board President Aaron Johnson said. “While no scenario is perfect, there’s no question that Scenario B addresses many of the topics we’ve been urged to consider. I look forward to hearing more from our stakeholders as we move through this process.”

At the request of the board, LISD collected feedback on middle school zoning Scenario A, from the Feb. 21 Board meeting. At the March 7 meeting, district staff submitted Scenario B, which incorporated additional community and board feedback.

For a complete list of the neighborhood codes (NBCDs) displayed on the map, please reference the following tools: NBCDs by subdivision | NBCDs by street.


Stiles considerations:

  • Uses Ronald Reagan Boulevard as a natural barrier.
  • NBCDs 1200, 1205, 1245 remain at Stiles.

Running Brushy MS considerations:

  • NBCD 4750 remains at Running Brushy Middle School for proximity.
  • NBCD 4770 rezoned to Leander MS for Running Brushy relief.
  • NBCDs 3100, 3200, 3300, 3400, 9955 remain at Running Brushy and are rezoned to Leander HS.

Cedar Park MS considerations:

  • Eliminates overcrowding at Cedar Park Middle School presented in Scenario A

Cedar Park HS projected enrollment decreases while Leander HS projected enrollment increases.ADDITIONAL ZONING DISCUSSION

Trustees also discussed extending the Ronald Reagan Boulevard natural barrier, as seen in Scenario B, to the south past RR 1431 as it becomes Parmer Lane when looking at the boundary line for Stiles. In this zoning exercise, neighborhoods west of Ronald Reagan Boulevard and north of RR 1431 would be rezoned to Wiley and neighborhoods west of Parmer Lane and south of RR 1431 would be rezoned to Henry.

The district will also consider for its April 4 presentation rezoning NBCD 1625, which would be rezoned to Wiley and Rouse to address a potential small cohort issue from elementary to middle school.

In providing further relief to Stiles, and as a result to Henry as well, the Board also focused its attention on potential middle school and high school zoning changes to NBCDs 2000 and 2010, rezoning those codes to Cedar Park MS and Cedar Park HS.


The district is on pace to approve 2020–21 attendance zoning changes in May 2019. Leander ISD will hold two public forums to collect community feedback following the Board’s recommendation of a single zoning scenario at a future board meeting.