Ariana Sandoval at Early College High School is the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Student of the Week. 

Teacher Jesus Aguilar-Landaverde said that Ariana is an exemplary engineering design student with attention to detail and willingness to explore new technologies such as video tracking software, motor-controlled earthquake simulation tables, Arduino circuits and introductory text-based coding environments. Her engineering notebook often exceeds her teacher’s expectations with detailed structural drawings, functional analysis tables and mathematical calculations. 

Despite being a freshman in Algebra I, Aguilar-Laverde said that Ariana has shown impressive command of applications from geometry, physics, oscillation and Algebra II. 

“During our electronic music unit, Ariana and her partner continue persevering beyond project expectations. They are constructing and programming a sophisticated circuit capable of playing a song they selected at the push of a button,” Aguilar-Laverde said. “Not only did she learn to read sheet music, but she has also synthesized the disciplines of music, physics, and computer science to accomplish this. I believe she is on the right path to pursue her dream of studying digital animation.”