Eighth grader Parmayshi Patel at Henry Middle School is the Leander ISD Career and Technical Education (CTE) Student of the Week.

Parmayshi is a member of the mxINCedu Entrepreneurial Team at Henry. This year she stepped up as a leader on the team and successfully led the team through their final pitch for the classroom “Pitch Tank.” In addition to developing a business product and final pitch, Parmayshi designed a custom logo for her team’s business.

MxINCedu teacher Anika Faglie said that Parmayshi is a wonderful student who is passionate and driven, and has shown incredible growth over the first semester.

“Parmayshi constantly supports other students and has helped her team members break out of their shells to feel more comfortable presenting,” Faglie said. “Furthermore, Parmayshi never settles for ‘good enough.’ She always strives for excellence.”

Parmayshi is also involved in the HMS Robotics Club, where she is the presentation lead for her team.