Sophomore Layna Bazyn at Early College High School is the Leander ISD Career and Technical Education Student of the Week.

Layna is a sophomore and is taking an academic program of remarkable rigor. Her courses include AP Computer Science, AP Physics and Advanced Pre-Calculus, alongside two Austin Community College courses.

According to her teachers, Layna has been a consistent role model for excellence in computer science, math, and science since her first year at ECHS.

“Layna values doing every assignment to the best of her ability and is always ready to discuss concepts with her study group,” Teacher Marguerite Swilling said. “She is both dependable and generous.”

Assistant Principal Kimberly Payne said that Layna elevates those around her through collaboration – whether working on debugging, physics tutorials or math group assessments.

“Even when challenging assessments do not turn out as expected, Layna embodies our district values of continuous improvement by consistently and thoroughly taking every opportunity to retake rigorous assessments. Her reattempts always lead to very high achievement,” Payne said. “We are fortunate to have a student like Layna in our legacy class at ECHS, and it is my hope that future cohorts can learn from her example.”

Layna is also part of the ECHS yearbook staff.