The Leander ISD Board of Trustees approved changes to the method used to calculate weighted GPA and the reporting of class rank beginning with the class of 2025 (students entering grade nine in the 2021–22 school year). The intent of the change is to allow students to select courses and pathways of study based on their individual interests and personal pathways of study. 

A committee of Leander ISD students, parents, teachers, counselors, campus and district administrators, and board members met over the course of several months to review current GPA and rank policy and make suggestions for changes. The three main themes which emerged from the committee meetings were:

  • Student Choice
  • Focus on the Whole Child
  • Well-rounded Graduates 

A student’s weighted GPA will be used to calculate class rank. Courses included in the calculation of the weighted GPA will be from the following areas: 

1. Up to eight semesters in English/language arts; 

2. Up to eight semesters in mathematics; 

3. Up to eight semesters in science; 

4. Up to eight semesters in social studies; and 

5. Up to four semesters in languages other than English (LOTE). 

 For complete details and FAQs, please visit the LISD support site.