Passionate about his own culture, #1LISD Super Kid Issei Shibusawa shines with the wisdom and richness it’s known for!

It’s hard to find a fourth-grader as resolute as Issei. Bilingual, he’s teaching his teacher Karthyn Finley the Japanese language. At Laura Welch Bush Elementary during flextime, Issei wanted a challenge. He created a Genius Hour project on Japan, including a poster that had the Japanese alphabet. He is constantly pushing himself to know more and do more. He has extremely high standards for himself, and he doesn’t stop until he reaches his goals. 

“Issei is one of the most determined students I have ever taught, “ Finley, LWB Elementary fourth-grade, said. “It is a true honor to teach this incredible student.

“Issei, thank you for being an excellent student and for taking the time to teach me all about your culture and language. You have encouraged me to be a better student. Thank you.”

Even on the weekends, Issei stays busy attending Japanese school. One of his biggest talents is drawing with pencil, preferring greyscale in his illustrations.

A huge fan of the book “If I Built a School,” we have a feeling #1LISD Super Kid probably could! Congratulations!