A friend. A helper. A defender. #1LISD Super Kid Amelia Klopfenstein scores a hat trick through her pursuit of excellence!

At Plain Elementary, the third-grader excels as a student, always doing her best work. A good friend, Amelia consistently helps in the classroom. When it comes to math concepts, Amelia will have a lightbulb moment, then take the time to explain to her table partners.

“What a great student!” Plain Elementary third-grade teacher Jill Cravens said. “Amelia shares her strengths by helping her peers in math. What a testament to how helpful and kind she is.”

Outside of school, Amelia plays ice hockey!  The goalie for her team, she brings to class some great stories about practice and games that everyone loves to hear. Her passion for such a unique sport shows she’s an amazing girl!

She’s a beauty! A stick salute for #1LISD Super Kid Amelia Klopfenstein!