Harry and Joyce Kilman spell out “school spirit” as our Leander ISD Volunteers of the Week!

Before school closures, Mr. & Mrs. Kilman would come every Friday morning at 10 o’clock to change Glenn High School’s marquee. They showed up on time faithfully every single week, no matter the weather. If the marquee needs changing during a holiday or for a special occasion, they’ll get it all ready and take the letters home to change it over the weekend. Such a simple gesture helps keep messages to students current and shows just how much the Kilmans care.

“They’ve done this for us for 2 years, and they’re tougher than the postman!” said Glenn High School principal Arturo Lomeli. “The Kilmans are wonderful volunteers and great supporters of GHS at school and in the community.”

For showing us it’s great to have grandparents involved in our schools, thank you and congratulations to our LISD Volunteers of the Week Harry & Joyce Kilman!