On November 18th we will have our Thanksgiving Luncheon at Steiner Ranch Elementary. We would love to invite families to our luncheon this year. Due to ordering shortages, ONLY students will be able to buy a Thanksgiving Lunch, but parents are welcome to join their child during their lunch time. We are sorry that we cannot serve our wonderful Thanksgiving lunch to everyone this year.

The lunch is FREE for students (like normal lunches). Students will get all items on their tray. The Thanksgiving meal is the only option that day, so if your child does not like the lunch you may want to pack them a lunch.

We need 4 VOLUNTEERS during each grade level lunch period for cleaning tables and serving lunches. All volunteers must be register and approved in the LISD Volunteer system in order to serve. Sign Up to be a Volunteer

First Grade11:20-11:50
Second Grade12:20-12:50
Third Grade12:50-1:20
Fourth Grade10:20-10:50
Fifth Grade11:50-12:20