Blissfully bothered by her books, Lucy can’t quite figure out what she’ll read next. That’s just one of the reasons Lucy Hammer is our Leander ISD Summer Reader of the Week!

Right now, the Steiner Ranch Elementary fifth-grader is diving deep into the world of fantasy with The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill. During the school year, Lucy drifts toward the same type of genre, but during the summer, her stash includes so much more.

“I like to broaden my selection of books and enjoy reading different things,” Lucy said. “For example, this summer I have begun to read real fantasy with The Chronicles of Narnia.  I have enjoyed it very much, and I am anxious to be older so I can read The Lord of the Rings.” 

Lucy loves books so much she formed a monthly book club with her friends. When COVID-19 shut down schools in the spring, she started a book club with her cousins! However, Lucy does find time to put down her books to participate in musicals, like “The Little Mermaid Jr.” and “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. She also swims competitively.

“A frequent flier in the Steiner Ranch Elementary library, Lucy participates in the Bluebonnet Reading Program,” Steiner Ranch Elementary librarian Jamie Fry said. “She’s always ready to share a book review or title recommendation. Her joy of reading is contagious.” 

She has pinpointed her favorite book series is The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer… or has she?

“It is easy for me to say that, but I have a million favorite books after that. As you can tell, I love reading!”

For her dog days dilemma of determining her favorite reads, we’re howling for Lucy Hammer–Leander ISD Summer Reader of the Week!