Name: Rachelle Arteaga

Campus/Department: Tom Glenn High School

Job Title: Dropout Prevention Specialist

Component of the Leander Way: Build

Leander ISD is beyond excited to announce this week’s staff spotlight, Rachelle Arteaga from Glenn HS! In the spirit of the Leander Way and GHS Grit+3, she has a talent for building a rapport with students that BUILDS a strong community and her efforts allow students to know they belong at Glenn HS. We appreciate Rachelle for sponsoring the GHS club; Hombres del Nor, driving a Homecoming float, and everything else she does everyday to support students and staff at GHS.  Rachelle BUILDS meaningful and trusting relationships with students, which allows students to feel more connected to GHS and know they are an important member of our school community.

 “Rachelle is very passionate about helping our students succeed. She goes above and beyond to BUILD relationships with all of our families. She is a true advocate for all things Glenn.”

-Tonya Thompson—Director of Advanced Programs, College/Career Pathways