Read about some of our exceptional staff nominated for exemplifying the Leander Way!

Name: Colleen Welliver

Campus/Department: Steiner Ranch Elementary

Job Title: Kindergarten Teacher

Component of the Leander Way: Build

When I think of Colleen in these times, all I can do is be grateful. I am grateful for her dedication in hard times. She relentlessly takes the time to coach families, reassure them, understand their concerns and seek solutions. She has come from such a deep place of empathy. She has taken time to get true, real, relevant feedback to each and every single one of her students through the SeeSaw app where her voice can be heard. Her calm presence and spirit has been absolutely essential in these times. I am just beyond grateful for her excellence.

Without even trying, Colleen builds deep and trusting relationships with her families. When they reach out with concern, she instantly is empathetic and understanding. She actively seeks solutions and advocates for what is best for her students and families.

Colleen is very loved by her teammates, the staff, her students and their families. She is irreplaceable and Steiner Ranch Elementary is so lucky to have her.

– Angela Hodges, Principal