Akin Aviators took off and landed through a turbulent year unscathed! Chief Communications Officer Corey Ryan walked through classrooms during his Super School Visit. From the smallest to the tallest, students are working together and sharing what they learned. Need to borrow a book? Akin ES’ librarians have your back! They’re making sure both in-person and virtual students can still check out their favorite titles. Book recommendations to boot! It’s time for you to #EarnYourWings, #1LISD!

Super School Visits premiere on Wednesdays & Sundays at 5 p.m. (YouTube|Facebook|Instagram) District leaders dropping in on campuses. Because of the experience, they see how students are adjusting to the new norms affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. #ConnectionIsHappening #LearningIsHappening #LISDIsHappening