When is school picture day? This year, school pictures will be taken by grade level.

  • 9th: Sept. 15
  • Senior Portraits: Sept. 22-24 Seniors, click HERE for more info.
  • 11th: Sept. 30
  • 10th: Oct. 2
  • 9th-11th Retakes: Nov. 3

How will school pictures work for on-campus learners? Students will take their school picture on their designated date through their English class while on campus.

How will school pictures work for virtual learners? Photo Texas Photography will set up an outdoor studio under tents for virtual learners. Parents will have an opportunity to sign up through a scheduling link for an individual appointment. At the scheduled time, parents will be asked to bring students directly to the camera leader to sign in. The child’s picture will be taken and families may return safely home. Click HERE to view the outdoor studio setup.

Will school picture day be safe? Photo Texas Photography has instituted safety and sanitary protocols based on the Center for Disease Control recommendations and has worked with LISD administration to ensure they are following all district safety protocols. In-school students will be photographed with adjustments for physical distancing, face coverings, and hand hygiene. Picture day will be extended from the opening of school to the end of the school day, allowing our photographers enough time to take the images and sanitize equipment. Students will not be seated when having their photos taken (unless physically unable to stand). Safety protocols and protective measures will remain the same for outdoor and indoor photography. For more detailed procedures, click HERE.

What if I miss my first picture day? Retakes will be on campus Nov. 3. Students are responsible for getting their retake. They will not be given a pass.

What if I miss picture day and retake day? Students who miss all of the scheduled picture days can take their school picture at the Photo Texas Photography studio by Friday, Nov. 6. Unfortunately, students who miss all of their picture days and do not go to the studio by Nov. 6 will not be pictured in the student section of the yearbook.

How can I buy school pictures? Parents can pre-pay for photos on-line through an order link.