March 3rd: During this early release day (B-day), all seniors that are not TSI complete will be taking the TSI test at Vista Ridge.

The TSI test will only be offered in person at VRHS on this day. Students who sign up for the TSI test will take the exam on the computer in a socially distanced classroom with 13 students or less per room. Students will be required to wear masks while on campus and fill out the Daily Health Screener before their arrival. Students who register for the TSI test will check in near the library/ lecture hall at 8:30 AM and be able to leave immediately after they finish their test.   Buses will run at 2 PM, the normal early release scheduled time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am TSI complete?– Ms. Sauber, VRHS College & Career Transition Coordinator, will email students who are not TSI complete in one or more areas. Students can also reference THIS TSI document to identify if they are TSI complete. 

If I am not TSI complete, how do I sign up to take the TSI test?– Students can use THIS link to sign up for the TSI test. 

What do I bring to the TSI test?- Students should bring their charged laptop, laptop charger, scratch paper, pen/pencil, water and snacks. Students should not bring calculators. A digital calculator will be available on the test when it is allowed.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Sauber at