She lives life with a strength and courage most adults can’t fathom let along a third grader. Steiner Ranch Elementary student Addi Howard embodies what it means to be an LISD Super Kid!

No stranger to remote learning, Addi has rocked at this virtual environment. Intense chemotherapy has forced her to miss out on all “the normal,” something her fellow classmates are getting used to as well now. She’s never wavered in her faith that there’s a plan for her beyond her struggles. In the midst of an incredibly hard, life circumstance, she has shown strength and maturity. 

Addy’s joy, hope and strength has impressed many people. In fact, her medical staff has stepped up and in as teachers! They would tell you that Addi asks good questions, she’s a thinker, and she will speak up when necessary. 

“Addi is an incredible, resilient child!” Steiner Ranch Elementary principal Angela Hodges said. “She is the model for overcoming challenges with a smile on her face and faith by her side! She has remained actively engaged in her school work in spite of her challenges this year. She is focused and dedicated for her own success.  

With determination and conviction, Addy believes with her whole heart she will return to the pool and the field, enjoying the sports she loves to play! She has a big heart for Hill Country Bible Church, serving in the children’s ministry. Her selflessness put pen to paper, spending the first four months of her sickness writing notes to kids who visited the church to encourage them to come back. 

For seeing the world in awesome wonder, thank you LISD Super Kid for your story of hope!