He’s zoned for greatness! Giddens Elementary School first-grader Gabriel Lopez has colored the campus with so much joy and concern for others. That’s why he’s our LISD Super Kid!

Earlier in the school year, counselors introduced students to the Zones of Regulation. This social-emotional tool allows a person to self-assess what color/emotional zone they’re in–blue for sad or hurt, green for good or calm, yellow for anxious or frustrated, red for angry or terrified. 

Gabriel has taken this task to heart and continues to check-in on teachers around school, asking what “zone” they’re in. He remembers the names of so many educators at Giddens and greets them by name! One day, a first grade student was feeling down. She asked to talk to Gabriel about it, because spending time with him helps her feel better.   

Giddens principal Sally Hill chose this quote by children’s book author and illustrator Carolyn Haywood to represent Gabriel: “Children are not only innocent and curious, but also optimistic and joyful and essentially happy. They are, in short, everything adults wish they could be.”

A wish to be as happy and polite as Gabriel who has the highest respect and concern for those around him. Congratulations to our LISD Super Kid Gabriel Lopez for zoning in optimism, great manners and packaging it with a winning smile!