With Tarvin Elementary School under construction and prepped to open in August 2021, we are launching the next phase of our rezoning process: the release of proposed maps or scenarios.

The Board of Trustees amended the Tarvin Elementary attendance zoning charter to include the 29th elementary school, which could open as early as August 2022. The charter outlines the process and priorities for establishing new attendance zones.

With the 28A and 29A scenarios, you can submit feedback through Thoughtexchange through Nov. 29. We will use this data to continue developing a recommendation for the Board in early 2021. 

Check out the details for our rezoning scenarios

For Tarvin Elementary, the 28A zoning scenario relieves Akin, Parkside, and Pleasant Hill elementary schools. Those crowded schools see relief by moving students from Akin to Pleasant Hill, Parkside to Tarvin, and Pleasant Hill to Tarvin. Tarvin is under construction near the Palmera Ridge subdivision off Ronald Reagan Blvd. in Leander. 

For Elementary School 29, planned for a district-owned site near the Bryson subdivision just east of 183A and south of TX-29 in Leander, the 29A scenario includes moving students from Larkspur (Summerlyn) and Plain (Bryson) into the new school. 

We have more details on the scenarios in this article.  

Zoning charter drives the plan

The Board approved a charter for creating the new zoning maps, focused on four priorities to guide a plan: 

  • School Size – relieve overcrowding, reduce class sizes, and student-to-teacher ratios.
  • Proximity – keep students as geographically close to their assigned school and keep neighborhoods together.
  • Minimize Change – minimize rezoning a student multiple times within the same school level.
  • Feeder Patterns – keep students together as they transition to the next level (elementary to middle school, middle to high school).

These priorities came from a survey sent to families earlier this year. But those priorities often conflict. For transparency, we provided our planning work (known as our zoning exercises)

Balancing the priorities

Finding school size relief for crowded schools, maintaining feeder patterns, and minimizing change challenged the planning group. A core issue with our rezoning plan centered around Cold Springs and Hazlewood subdivisions. We rezoned both neighborhoods from Pleasant Hill to Akin in 2017, and scenario 28A sends students back to Pleasant Hill.  If adopted, this new zone comes one year after the middle school rezoning plan moved Cold Springs and Hazlewood students from Stiles to Wiley. The alternative was a map that reshaped several neighborhoods and school zonings on the Eastside of Akin’s attendance zone into Avery Ranch. 

The district will undergo multiple scenarios and feedback cycles before presenting a final recommendation in early 2021.