LISD offers students who know a language other than English the opportunity to test for proficiency in that language in order to earn all or part of their high school language credit.

Students are required to take either two or three credits of a language other than English as part of their graduation requirement. Since students are allowed to begin their language classes in 8th grade, we offer the test in the spring of the 7th grade year so that students can make appropriate choices about the 8th grade electives.

The test is available in nearly every language and is administered here on campus. It includes listening, speaking and writing components. This spring, we will offer the following testing opportunities:

7th grade testing will be April 21 & 22: Student’s testing day will be dependent on their class schedule. The goal is to test during electives rather than core classes. Deadline to register is Wednesday, April 14th.

This test is optional, but 7th grader who speaks another language is encouraged to take it for credit and language placement.

To register for the test, use the following Google form:

Language Proficiency Test Sign Up Form