Important PSAT Day Announcement for all 10th/11th grade students that choose to take the PSAT on
Thursday, October 29th at Vista Ridge High School

We highly encourage 10th/11th grade students to consider and plan to leave campus after the campus concludes testing. For permission to leave campus, ALL students must fill out the Permission to Leave Campus on PSAT Day Form before 8:30 AM on October 29th, test day, AND receive a Digital Pass to their school email address. (Passes will be emailed by noon if approved)

If you are an In-Person Learner, you need to upload a parent note for permission to leave early.
All students leaving campus before the end of the school day need to arrange for transportation as buses will run at the regular time. 

For all virtual students that would normally ride the bus, you can go to your normal bus stop on the morning of the PSAT. 

All students remaining on campus after testing will report to the cafeteria for lunch followed by a study hall.
We have a team that will supervise these students until 4:00 PM. 

Test Day Reminders– Bring Water, #2 Pencils, and a Calculator (if you have one).
Fill out your student health screener before coming into the building.