Our demographer reported enrollment will continue to climb in the coming years. Growth means new schools in Leander ISD. Our next new school, Tarvin Elementary, opens in August 2021.

Here’s what you need to know and what’s next.

We relaunched our zoning process and included Elementary School 29 (potentially opening August 2022) with a Thoughtexchange survey and the release of Scenario A last month.

Tarvin Elementary, aka ES 28, will be located near the Palmera Ridge subdivision. It will be in Leander, west of Ronald Reagan Blvd. and north of Hero Way.

Elementary School 29 will be located near the Bryson subdivision in Leander. It will be east of 183 and north of San Gabriel Pkwy. The Board of Trustees has not finalized plans to open this school in 2022. We are monitoring enrollment and economic conditions before a final decision.

Join us Dec. 16 live on YouTube

We will be hosting a webinar on Dec. 16 on YouTube and Facebook LIVE at 5:30 p.m. During the webinar, we will focus on the exercises our project team built for our proposal. The exercises are available on our zoning website.

On Dec. 16, we will present the maps, take questions, and collect more feedback. The video will be recorded. You will be able to leave feedback during and after the meeting via a new Thoughtexchange.

Most responses agree scenario A aligns with zoning charter

We closed our Thoughtexchange survey on Nov. 29 regarding scenario A. The results included a 57% agreement rate that the proposal aligns with the project charter to address: school size, proximity, minimize change, and feeder patterns.

The open-ended responses focused around the Hazlewood and Cold Springs neighborhoods, which are moved under the scenario from Akin to Pleasant Hill. The comments address concerns with “Minimize Change” as the neighborhood was rezoned in 2017 (Pleasant Hill to Akin) and 2020 (Stiles to Wiley). Some members of the Summerlyn subdivision expressed concerns about be zoned from Larkspur Elementary.