Due to the current stay at home order in effect for Travis and Williamson counties, Leander ISD has approved unique opportunities for students to make up their hours.  Please abide by all CDC social distancing and Williamson County shelter in place guidelines while making up hours. Examples include babysitting a younger sibling, tutoring a sibling, mowing lawns for neighbors, or delivering groceries for someone in need.  Please document your time for these activities using this VRHS Hours-Owed Online Form (opens in a new window).

Any student who does not attend 90% of the instructional day that a class is offered (excused or unexcused) will be required to make up attendance hours. 
Once a student has missed a class period more than 4 times, the student will start to accumulate hours.

Click here (opens in a new window)for the VRHS attendance policy.

Click here (opens in a new window)  to see if you owe hours.

Click here (opens in a new window) for the VRHS Attendance Hours-Owed Online Form

Please contact your Assistant Principal (opens in a new window)with any questions.