TEA is requiring that schools assess all students (in-person or virtual) on the Fitnessgram this year.

This will be handled during class periods for in-person students, but parents will need to assist our virtual students to get this data completed this year. This data is required for any course in which the student receives PE credit or equivalent: Athletics (all sports), Sports Medicine, JROTC, Cheerleading, Drill Team, Color Guard, Dance (for PE credit), Marching Band, and Color Guard.

**If your student participates in any of these activities, we need this google form completed**

Each student will be tested in BMI (height and weight), Aerobic Capacity (1 mile run or 20 meter pacer), Curl Up, Trunk Lift, Push Up, Sit and Reach.

For videos on setup, rules and regulations, visit the Cooper Institute YouTube page: http://bit.ly/fitnessgramvideos

We appreciate your help and support in completing this state assessment requirement for our students.