Sudhiksha Chelumalla, PreKindergarten student at Tarvin Elementary, is the Leander ISD Super Kid of the Week.

Sudhiksha is an incredibly loyal, reliable and sweet friend to everyone in her classroom, including her teachers. She often volunteers to take students to the nurse, offers to hold the hand of a friend who is feeling sad and has frequently given up her toy or even her turn, unprompted, to try and cheer up a fellow student. Sudhiksha initiates peace talks between her friends if there’s a conflict and asks friends if they need a hug or would like to go to the peace corner if they’re feeling down.

“We’re so grateful to have such a wonderful role model for empathy and selflessness in our classroom!” Sudhiksha’s teachers, Corley Sims and Kira Jobe, said. “Thank you, Sudhiksha, for always being a rock star friend.”

Sudhiksha loves penguins and Mo Willems books.